NFL Draft sign Downtown Detroit

The 2024 NFL Draft is coming to Detroit!

It was announced two years ago that Detroit, MI was going to be hosting the 2024 NFL Draft. I have always wanted to attend the event and never thought I had the opportunity, but here it is! I can remember thinking about all of those people from all around the country that’s going to come to our city and have a chance to take great memories and thoughts back with them about the event and the city in general.

Thanks to the Lions this season, the city brought in so much revenue downtown and surrounding areas. The Lions had a great season, which means more people are paying attention to the team and the city. There are big events here yearly that maybe some out-of-towners like and know of, but the draft is unlike any other event (ok, except maybe the Super Bowl).

However, with a big event like this, it brings a lot of publicity, good and bad. People take cheap shots all the time at the city just going off what they see on TV or hear from random places. Most of the people who make these claims are people who live in the suburbs and don’t look at the history behind how Detroit came to be what it is today. They judge it by one metric, group people together, and put no real thought or study behind their claims. Well, this event may not change people’s minds, but it could shine a light on the great things happening in the city!


Detroit has a lot of history. I believe when you think of any major city, it comes with a diverse history and background. I hope while some of the attendees are in town, they utilize some of the many museums that are located throughout the city and metro areas. I won’t sit here and list them all, but the Motown Museum is a great start. See how groups like the Jacksons and the Supremes got their start.

The DIA has great art and is a must when in town. The Henry Ford Museum, the Charles H. Wright Museum, and the list goes on and on. There are so many places to go, that I hope this would make people want to come back!

Food Scene

Obviously, everywhere we go, there will be great food. Detroit is known for much of its food. The top cuisine that most people are becoming more aware of is Detroit Style Pizza. Deep dish pizza with your favorite toppings, finished with a layer of sauce going across the top! Perfection! You also can’t forget about our coneys. There is no shortage of Coney Islands (no, not the New York kind) around the city. The 2 best MAY be located downtown. One is called American and the one attached right next door is Lafayette coney island. I won’t get into the so-called history of these two and I don’t care to sway decisions on who people consider the best, but I will say, try it for yourself and see what you like!

Besides the Detroit favorites, Dearborn is not too far from the city and offers some of the best Mediterranean food spots you can think of. Dearborn is a large Arab American city here in Michigan. They offer not only great food but great people and culture to a sometimes less than spectacular state.

Another great area for food would be in Southwest Detroit. There is a large population of Latino people in that area that has an array of Mexican restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores, and bakeries! It is top notch and you would be mistaken not to try!


I didn’t want this section to be the focus of this post. Safety is something we all need to take into account when we go anywhere. I think many people let their guard down when they vacation or visit different parts of the country and world. I believe you can still have fun while being aware of your surroundings and planning ahead to keep you and your family safe. Use a bit of common sense and there won’t be any problems.

When I say use common sense, I mean:

  1. Don’t leave valuable objects out in the open of a car. If you can see, so can a thief.
  2. Lock your doors. Car, hotel, etc… You’d be surprised how many people don’t lock when they walk away.
  3. Keep your wallet and phone in a secure pocket. I never understood putting those things in a back pocket.
  4. Be aware of where you park. There are A LOT of parking lots downtown. If you feel like the place is scammy, find another one trust your gut!
  5. Read the signs. PLEASE! We don’t have crazy signs here. They’re mostly straight forward. Follow them and you’ll be ok.
  6. Untrustworthy people. The city is full of great humans! Unfortunately, there are always those who will want to harm or lead you in the wrong direction. Again, your instincts will usually let you know when something is off.

Its not hard to have a good time in another city. Even if you think that city may have some tough times. Detroit has a lot to offer and I hope the hundreds of thousands of people that show up see that and will want to return in the future!

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