Worth a watch?

Let’s leave the political talk behind for a minute while I rant about this show. During this post, there more than likely will be hella spoilers, so proceed at your own risk!

So the season finale just aired this past Sunday (October 18). And throughout the entire series, I had to ask myself internal questions, one of them being “Why am I still watching this?” Now, I like a good thriller, sci-fi or shows that are centered around a different time and show historical truths throughout it, but this show made me hate that I like those things.

Full disclaimer, I have never read the book, so I am not exactly sure how well they correlate with each other or if they even do at all. I also am a fan of J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele, but this is not some of their best work. I’ll spare you the synopsis and lay out why I didn’t like it.

To start, I guess watching this series once through won’t work. That’s one of the things I have been seeing a lot, “You need to REALLY pay attention.” I really don’t want to, the first time was more than enough for me. When I watch something, it gives me certain emotions throughout the series that I may experience. Horror scares me, thriller makes me jump, drama has me on the edge of my seat. This show, left me confused most of the time. I had so many questions watching and even the finale didn’t answer much of it.

My main gripe with it is I feel like there was too much going on to actually keep up with some of it. Reminds me of Dug the dog from the movie Up. They had me looking in every direction in the middle of what was happening at the time. So by the time you got a grasp of what was happening in one story line, you were already in the middle of two other story lines.

There are witches, warlocks, magic, spells, creatures, ghosts, time travel and racism! I guess I was looking for a show with more of the historical storytelling and less of the sci-fi.

I’ll say it again, I liked the historical elements. Adding in the Tulsa massacre, or having one of the friends of Diana be Emmett Till, or showing what it was like having black people move into white neighborhoods at that time, is an important look at our history. To me, those moments never added much to the story. I guess I just feel like they would be better portrayed without the sci-fi aspect.

Everyone has their take on it. This was mine! I probably won’t watch season 2. Now, I am watching Perry Mason on HBO and it makes more sense and is more watchable to me!

Maybe I’m not that into fantasy as I thought I was… :/

Last thing!

Are we just ignoring the fact that Ruby was sleeping with Christina, who drunk a potion to become William (Braithwhite henchman), that Ruby originally thought she was sleeping with? Then when Ruby found out it was Christina, she kept sleeping over and screwing her/him anyway…? Ruby wanted a white person that bad? OK.

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