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Taylor Swift comes to town!

Hilton Promo

This is more of a random rant/post that came across me this past weekend. It’s not anything like my usual posts, but it bothered me so much that I had to tell someone, if anyone reads this! I had to at least put it here in the small chance someone does see it, even the people I am writing about. So, without further ado…

This past weekend in Detroit, Taylor Swift performed two shows at Ford Field. Now, I am not now, nor have I ever been a “Swifty”, but she has a few songs that I keep on my musical rotation. As long as you haven’t been living under a rock for the better part of a decade, hell, almost two decades, then you know when she comes to town, its a big deal. Think of Beiber, or when I was growing up N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls… where ever these acts went, there is essentially chaos. Bodyguards, police, screaming teens, the whole thing, its crazy to see.

Now Taylor is performing at Ford Field, which is downtown Detroit. Also downtown, Comerica Park where the Detroit Tigers play. They are literally across the street from each other. And there was a Tiger game while she was here. So now there is traffic for both events going on at once. This creates all kinds of tsunami’s down there. Backed up traffic, high priced parking, food, scam artists, everything. These things aren’t what bugged me though. Let me explain.

We have a sports broadcaster here. His name: Mike Valenti. Works on 97.1 the ticket. Very popular show during the week days. I listen in for my sports talk and all that, but Friday, I got more than sports talk. You see, Mike was also talking about this Taylor swift concert, except he was saying how if people pay that amount of money for tickets, they’re idiots or crazy. Ok, fine, ticket prices can be a bit expensive today, but if you’ve got it, what’s the harm.

The next part is what got me. You and I both know that the closer a concert date gets, the higher the ticket prices will be. That’s what was happening with Taylor. By the day of the concert, people were reselling tickets for upwards of 20k depending on the seating. Mike Valenti suggested that if you’re not selling those tickets you are basically an imbecile.

Here is a bit of his show and why I am here complaining.

It should be no surprise that the majority of people who wanted to see this concert are kids and teens. So in his view, Eff them kids, sale the tickets. RIDICULOUS.

He’s not the only one though. Now you have callers calling in agreeing with this nonsense. Like one caller, he and his wife are about to get married. Their wedding will cost about $20,000. He thinks his wife should sale her tickets to “attempt” to get the $20k that some tickets were selling for, so they can pay off their wedding. Oh this sent Mr. Michael into a tizzy, to the point point where he basically says this guy shouldn’t marry his girlfriend BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T WANT TO SELL HER TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS….

I’ve been listening to Valenti for a while, but this is a hot take if I’ve ever heard one. Here is the problem I have with all of this.

#1: About the guy getting married. The problem isn’t the Swift tickets, its spending that amount of money on a wedding. I don’t know where these expensive wedding started, but anything over ten, is crazy.

#2: You risk missing a concert that you have been wanting to see, just to CHANCE your way to $20k. You don’t know if your tickets will sale. So now you’ve missed out on money and a show. He does realize that there was a reason those tickets were still showing just hours before the show, right?

#3: It doesn’t matter where you are sitting in the stadium. If Taylor looks like an ant from above, no one will care. Concerts are not only about seeing and hearing the artist, its also about experience. You think people visit the Mona Lisa for some whirlwind adventure? No. Its experiencing something that has been there for centuries.

#4: Unlike Valenti, many people have kids who wanted to see this concert. People like to make their children happy. Again, within reason and if you can afford and if you’re willing to do it. There is nothing wrong with spending money on something that’s enjoyable to them. Going to another country isn’t on many kids radar like swift. Let them enjoy themselves.

This was a ridiculous rant that I had no intention of making this long, but hopefully the people who did go to the concert had a great time!

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