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Are you watching the Super Bowl?

I know, dumb question, right? This is mostly geared toward Detroit Lions Fans. Let me lay the ground work and explain why I may skip it this year. Well, as mentioned before, I am a Detroit Lions fan. Being a fan of them has brought nothing but pain for years to its fans. When Mrs. Ford-Hamp hired Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes, many lions fans didn’t know how to feel. Dan Campbell’s press conference alone had many people scratching their heads. Then the first season came and went. Then the second season with them at the helm. Now, we just finished the third season with them leading the team. I know for a fact, that after last season, the goal for 2023 was to make it to the playoffs and win one game.

They accomplished quite a bit. They won the NFC North for the time in history, they won not only one playoff game, but two! They have excelled so much over the last in the three seasons since Dan was hired and it is truly amazing. I don’t think any Lion’s fan saw this happening. And with Jared Goff as our quarterback no less. I’m not trying to knock Goff, I just had no idea he would be the one to win us the NFC North and win our first playoff game in over 30 years! Matthew Stafford could never! (Seriously, most of us love Stafford and wish it him who broke these “curses” for the team, but things happen and here we are!)

Having said all of that, it brings me back to the title of this post. I have to be honest, after all the success of the season and basically drilling the niners in the first half of that NFC Championship game, I’m sure just about every fan was sure we were about to see Honolulu Blue and Silver in Las Vegas in the upcoming weeks. Think about it, the Lions were basically about to break a generational curse of being one of the few franchises that has never made it to a Super Bowl. Then, that dreaded “turd” quarter happened. Its literally plagued the lions all season and there is no way to justify it or figure out why. Every third quarter of every game, they came out so flat. And the same was said in the Championship game.

The reason I ask the question is because after losing like that and feeling like your team is supposed to be there, why do I want to watch the team that beat us, potentially win it all? I can be happy for the season we had and still by super bummed that its not us. Do I blame Dan Campbell for the calls he made, no. And I think anyone who places blame solely on his calls is small minded and doesn’t really know much about the team. That game was a total collapse and I think the moment came to big the closer the end came. Dropped passes everywhere, fumble, scrambles for 15+ yards.

You can say its whiny or whatever but the truth is, we should be able to say that we aren’t ready to watch any football yet. Many Lions fans felt this was our time. It was right in front of us. Now, that we didn’t make it, can we do it again? That’s the scary part. There are so a lot fans saying how we will be back next year and we’ll be better. How do you know? I’m sure the Eagles said the same thing last year and the Bengals before that. Just because a team expects to be somewhere doesn’t mean it will happen. Remember, the last time the lions was in the championship game they were murdered by the then Redskins and never won a playoff game again until this year. That is what scares many fans.

So at this point in time, yea, I’m still a bit hurt or angry that we didn’t make it to the big game. And I really don’t care to see Patrick Mahomes win another one. So again I ask, are you watching the Super Bowl?

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