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And Your Super Bowl Champions Are…

We already know who it is. I mean, I was actively rooting for the 49ers to lose, but I was not rooting for the Chiefs to win either. I was happy Taylor Swift was happy. You’d be amazed how angry people get when they see her face. I don’t get it, she didn’t ask to be shown on camera for less than a minute in a nearly 4-hour football game, but whatever. Here is my breakdown of the Super Bowl.


Before the show, I was sitting there thinking how it should be the Lions there. I think most Lions fans were thinking that. I hope they make it back to the championship game, but I hope it’s against a different opponent. Not because I don’t think the Lions could win, but San Fran has been there almost 5 years straight. Get out of the way, especially since you keep losing the bowl!

The pre-show is full of interviews with the teams, coaches, and random people who have a sad connection to the game that’s about to happen. It all is a big waste of time. Maybe there are a few people who enjoy it, but I am not one of those people.

The National Anthem(s)

Ok, we get it. The NFL wants to be “pro-America”. This is another thing that is all filler and doesn’t need to be done at all. It’s cool the NFL has tried to be more inclusive and that’s why they have included the black national anthem. Word to the wise, don’t read any comments on Reddit while that song is being sung. I like the song, and I like Andra Day, but this year when she was singing it, I didn’t like her rendition. She has a great voice, but to me, it was not showcased in this performance. I have posted a video of Kirk Franklin and family singing it beautifully, below. Heads up NFL, this is who you should be asking for next year!

In all honesty, I don’t need any of the anthems, unless the president is being inaugurated. I also have always thought “America the Beautiful” should be the National anthem. It’s more general and inclusive about the country and wasn’t written by a slaveholder.

First Half of the Game

Literal snoozefest. There isn’t much to say. Both defenses were making stops, Patrick Mahomes was so uncomfortable in the pocket. Brock Purdy wasn’t doing much, but the ball was moving, they just weren’t scoring much. It was very much a low-scoring affair. The best part happens next though!

Half-time show Featuring Usher!

For me, this was the highlight of the game. Usher started with a slow song and immediately went into “Caught Up”! There were dancing, singing, and guest stars like Alicia Keys, HER, Will.I.Am., Ludacris, and Lil Jon. It was hit after hit and made me sing along and dance, even though he couldn’t finish most of the songs. There is not much you can put into a 13-minute show when you have been around as long as Usher. He even roller-skated on stage! We all know that’s a black southern thing, but again, DO NOT go in the Reddit comments while people like Usher are performing. I will explain my problems with Reddit in another post at a later time.

Anyway, the show was great. I feel like, if you had a problem or complaint with it, you don’t understand good music or black culture and why his performance was a nod to all things black. I read a comment that said Usher was “washed up”. Meanwhile, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones get to drag their dead bodies around every year and these people pay for it… All in all, he is coming to Detroit this summer and that half-time show makes me want to buy tickets!

Back to the Game

Admittedly, I think both teams woke up a bit after half-time and realized it was now or never. The Super Bowl is over in 30 minutes. Having said that, I think it woke something up in Patrick Mahomes. I can’t even be mad that they won in the end. He is good and I think we will be seeing them in many more championship games, he’s only 28.

At one point, it was 4 & 1, they decided to go for it, as they should have. They had already let Pacheco try to pick up the first down, but it was stuffed. At that point, I feel like I could just hear Mahomes say, “Eff it, I’ll do it myself!” He’s not super fast, but his legs get the job done. This was only the 2nd time in history the Super Bowl has gone into overtime. It worked out for the Chiefs.

Funny how Kyle Shanahan was faced with the same decisions that Dan Campbell was 2 weeks prior. Do you kick the field goal or go for it on 4th down. He did what many thought Dan should have done and they still ended up losing. Things just happen sometime. There are fans that probably say taking the points was right, while others may have wanted to go for it, its the Super Bowl. We’ll never know what could’ve happened, only what did!

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