We did it you guys!

We got out, we voted, we canvassed, we called, we got abused by people calling us and we won! This past week has been torture for my system. You would have thought I was running to be elected, ( I sort of was, but measures will have to be taken seriously next time for it to matter), but that is besides the point. The point is, Donald Trump lost! My excitement cannot be seen through this computer, but it is felt across the world, literally! Have you seen the remarks from world leaders across the globe?

From Canada:

From France:

From the UK:


And my personal favorite, Paris:

This isn’t a coincidence. They won’t say it, but the past four years have been something that we’ve never seen before. I get people like change, but this is nothing like what Obama was talking about 14 years ago. Trump has been a nightmare and the majority of Americans did not want the sequel. We get to start a new day (hopefully).

While it is great that Biden won, don’t confuse it with the fact that there are still some deep rooted issues in this country. The fact that 70 million Americans (including people of color) still voted for an outright racist, liar, cheater, criminal etc.., is for a lack of a better word, very troubling. And I don’t think I have enough time or patience to talk about how trumpers insist that this election was “stolen” from trump because, and I quote, “Biden never had people at his rallies”, or “I never saw that many Biden signs in peoples yard”. Yes, they believe that because they literally worship him, and get all the gear, and hang flags from the back of their trucks, that that means there are more of them. Trumpers refer to themselves as “the silent majority”. I don’t think I ever laughed as hard as when I kept seeing them say that. Nothing about them is silent. That’s why I refer to them as the Loud Minority. Not exactly the most original, but it fits in this case!

My point is, I know while Biden is in office, Democrats will hold him accountable. There aren’t people there to coddle him or be Yes men like there was for trump. I hated watching the news because there was always something going on with him. There was never a “normal” day. Trumps schedule consisted of golf, lying, or breaking the law for the past 4 years. We get to breathe a bit easier, but the work isn’t done. We can’t be complacent like people did when Obama was elected, that’s how we got trump. We have to continue to organize, get more POC’s in high positions, get more like minded voters, and continue to change this country to a place that all of us WILL want to live. It will take time, but most good things do!

P.S. Fuck Donald Trump!

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