Uncle Joe!

So the day has come and gone! Joe Biden has been sworn in as our 46th President of the United States. This is the day many of us have been waiting for. Yes, this past 10 years have been a rough go… what’s that?

You say its only been 4 years?…

Are you sure?…

Ok, these past 4 years have done a number on us, but we made it through, minus the 420,000 Americans that died from the coronavirus. We have a leader in office now who is more compassionate, has more empathy, and understands the duty of the job more than anyone. I like this Joe better than my actual uncle Joe! There is a reason Joe Biden lost his previous runs for President, his time is now! You can watch the entire event on Biden Inaugural page and I will post it underneath.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Inauguration

We can’t forget the first woman of color to be inaugurated also, Madame Vice President Kamala Harris! It was a day to behold and I am happy to be here to witness it. I really think this will be a test to show what policies Kamala will have of her own, because honestly, I highly doubt Joe runs again. We’ll see what the future holds.

Besides it being a historical and happy day, we can’t just gloss over the stylishness of the patrons. I mean, did y’all see our new First Lady:

I’m biased. Blue is my favorite color.

Can’t leave out our favorite President and First Lady:


Its just not fair! No wonder trump hated the Obama’s!!!

I’m not exactly a “fashionista” pre se, but I know style when I see see it. I’ll leave the rest to the professionals. There was a lot of style and class at this inauguration, its sure to be one to remember for years to come. It literally is a Brand New Day! (See The Wiz, for that reference)!

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