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Super late post about everything!

So, it is now December 13 and we are well past all of the elections and their results. We even made it through the runoff election in Georgia. For the most part, Democrats did pretty well seeing as though there is a Democratic president in office. There was absolutely no red wave. Don’t let the delusional republicans full you. Just because they have the house by a few people, dems gained a seat in senate and I think that is most important. The repukes can’t even choose speaker while the dems already have Hakeem Jeffries ready to go. There is really nothing else to say about that.

Trying for round 2

There was an announcement previously that we all need to discuss. Donald trump announced he was running for president again. We all let out a collective sigh, then proceeded to be angry. Why is this twice impeached, classified document stealing, impulsive lying, election denying, buffoon allowed to even announce this? Why would you run again for a system that you don’t even trust? I’ll tell you why….money!

I know and you know, money makes the world go round. However, in this case, he is literally only announcing this to get more money for his legal fees. Which brings me to my next 2 points:

  1. This man has so many legal issues. He is so corrupt and its not even funny.
  2. Trump supporters are suckers. They keep falling for all of his lies and they’re the reason he is still in the spotlight.

This guy has said how everything is rigged and people lied, and the machines are changing peoples votes… blah, blah, blah. I don’t know how he keeps all his lies together or how he forms sentences because everything that come out of his mouth is a lie. And trumpers just fall for it. Its sad and infuriating all at once. Being that gullible should be illegal.

House Switch

I mentioned the dems are holding control of the senate after Raphael Warnock beat Hershel Walker in the runoff in Georgia. Unfortunately, we will be losing the house, but does that mean we won’t be able to put anything through. The dems will have a tougher time getting their vision out but, there may be some hope, seeing as how the repubs don’t hold a large margin. Has Kevin macarthy even been voted to be majority speaker yet?

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