Young Ruth

People don’t realize how fitting that nickname is. I don’t know what else could be said about someone who lived a full life. It’s actually hard to put into words the feelings many people have after they heard that she had passed Friday. Sadly, her passing brought certain thoughts that shouldn’t have to be thought about when someone dies, but this isn’t a normal year or a normal passing.

I’m not going to lie, for the past couple of years, whenever Justice Ginburgs’ face was shown as a headline, I’d hold my breath. She was up in age, late 80’s, has had numerous bouts with cancer and beat them, but you knew in the back of your mind it would happen one day. No one wants to discredit what her legacy is and for the most part many haven’t. The problem is when someone leaves or passes on the Supreme Court, that vacancy must be filled. Oh, excuse me, it must be filled UNLESS you’re a Democrat as President.

I honestly don’t need to get into the story. We all know. 10 months before the 2016 election, then President, Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to be the next Justice after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Wouldn’t you know it, the GOP were the majority party in the senate that year. Sorry Obama, no pick for you, its an election in 10 months *shoulder shrug emoji*.

Cut to today, 42 days before an election, and the republicans are in a scurry trying to push through a nominee. Well gee, that doesn’t seem like they would do something like. According to this supercut of GOP senators saying why a nominee shouldn’t be put through in an election year, the American people will get to choose our next Justice.

GOP are trash

So, judging by their own words, you mean to tell me, the GOP has no morals? No character? Lies on a daily basis? And care more about what they want, then what is right? Who would have thought? Certainly not the majority of voters who voted for Hillary and not the ass wipe we that currently lives in the White House.

So, GOP are the scum of the earth and Ruth fought for what was right. With her death comes a blow that could affect women, minorities, and progressives for years to come. When people say “Vote”, this is what they mean, but Democrats can be apathetic AF. Why are we always the ones to yell for people to vote. Republicans don’t have to beg their base to vote, they do it no matter who the nominee is (cue photo of ass wipe).

There are many problems with the system. Electoral college being one, a two party system for a country that is a giant melting pot, lifetime appointments to Supreme Court, which got us to this problem today etc… I could go on, but I’d end up with a book.

Ruth fought for women and at the end fought for all of us by working til the very end. She was tough and I’m 1000% sure no one else on the court is anything like her. I know the GOP are going to confirm someone before the election in a few weeks. I really have no hope in what the democrats will do or if they’ll do anything. Either way, you should vote. I’m talking to you Democrats, cause if you don’t, then stuff like this happens.

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