LOL! Impeached… again!

Well, I guess donald trump is good at some things. He is the first President in the history of the United States to be impeached, twice! There were even a few republicans that voted with the Democrats. It was only 10, but still more than last time.

While this is a good thing, and leads the senate to hold a trial, it still makes me angry that 1. Most republicans still see nothing wrong with what he says and 2. It took them this long to even do anything about it. I’ve said this in my previous post, this isn’t a new thing with trump. He has been inciting violence since before he was elected.

The whole “Make America Great Again” slogan is already a falsehood that implies that this country was ever great in the first place, but that’s a post for another day. He gave middle aged white men the thought that they are being pushed to the side and foreigners, women, and people of color are taking over the country. They do remember a time when white men ran the world and that simply isn’t the case anymore. Almost anyway.

So, when we think about how Democrats are the ones doing this impeachment, they are the very people white men fear. Look at who is in the Democratic party. A woman is speaker, there are countless women of color, men of color, races, ages, etc…

Let me guide you to this Vox article that relays the difference in not just the parties, but the people. It is no wonder republicans are trying the supress the vote of those in minority communities. The article is from 2 years ago, but most of those people are still there and it serves the point.

The point is, trump has been running this country into the ground with his hate speech for the past 5 years (this started way before he won) you could even say he’s been hateful his entire life. He got in office, continued said hate speech and no one held him accountable and this is what you get. A twice impeached president. You would think America would learn from this, we won’t.

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