Election Stress.

This is stressed Obama. I am he, he is me!

The day is finally here…. well, tomorrow. The day all Americans can’t wait to be over. Election day! This has been an AWFUL year and you would think choosing the next President would relieve some of the fears that this year has brought. It doesn’t. I am a survivor of the 2016 election, and because of that, nothing really has meaning anymore. Let me explain.

I was alive during the 2000 Election where Al gore won the popular vote, but George Bush ended up “Winning the election”, because of this pesky thing called the Electoral College. A system built on racist history and values, but that’s a story for another day. I didn’t understand, at the time, what happened with the whole Bush and Gore fiasco, because I was not eligible to vote. As an adult, however, I have now experienced what many Democrats experienced all those years ago. And, I’d like to say: I hate it!

Well, now its 2020 and in less than 12 hours, the election will begin. For many of us, we are super energized and ready to go, others (like myself) have mailed in our ballots and tracked it to make sure of its destination. And the bulk of democrats are literally about to have a mental break down. There is so much as stake with this election that it wears on us physically and emotionally. I’ve talked to people who can’t eat, sleep, have bad anxiety, and are just ready for it all to be over. I do have a fatigue and anxiety, I mean just look at what 2016 did to us. Now, you have those idiot trump supporters feeling themselves, and telling the world how he’s going to win by a landslide, which he didn’t even win the first time. He lost the popular vote, but you know, who cares about those little tidbits…

I see all the early voting, the polls, the republican support for Biden, WAY more than what Hillary ever had, but I am still at my wits end. The trump presidency has ruined friendships, families, businesses, and lets not forget, Lives. Covid is still a real threat, with the cases going up again. And yet, there are still people willing to vote for him. No president is a cure for this ailing country, but I know that one will at least be a medication to reduce the symptoms. We have to at least get back on the right track and trump isn’t it.

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