The January 6th Hearings Are Boring…

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Trump deserves to be in prison with the other insurrectionists.

Are the January 6th hearings boring and slow, yes they are, but they are also vitally important. Don’t let the headline full you. Lets face it, even voting is boring. You go to some building, stand in line, fill in little bubbles, and let a machine eat your piece of paper. This process can be short or long depending on the location, time of day, and election. Either way, important.

Probably none more important than Cassidy Hutchinson who just testified before America a few weeks ago. You would think her testimony would be the smoking gun that showed people just how crazy and deranged Trump truly is, but just like any other time, it was just another day. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few people coming around,

Washington examiner finally decided to pay attention to how off trump is I guess.
They’ve just come to this realization?

The problem is there are still too many left. On top of that, there is still a bunch of BS going around where people are saying the election was stolen. 2… years… later. I just read an article today showing how there are a group of people “canvassing” neighborhoods and knocking on peoples doors to ask how they voted. Random people intimidating voters in their homes. This has gone on long enough.

Today, there was another hearing. This one was probably more terrifying than the previous. Each hearing uncovers something new in that administration and with trump. People who were behind the scenes with trump during the insurrection, were saying how he didn’t to call anything off. Let the terrorists continue to destroy government property. Trump was calling senators and asking them to not certify the results of the election. He was doing all of this while the capitol was under attack.

There are multiple videos of staff fleeing the capital for their safety. Republicans were terrified but will still stand up for this trash of a human being. Josh Hawley, who has a famous photo of himself, throwing his fist up in support of the traitors, was later seen running through the halls with the rest of the staff. My, how the tables turn.

Another Traitor. Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

Twittter stays undefeated. Here he is running not long after.

Another video of trump was shown and this time he was trying to do a speech the day after the attack. He kept fumbling over his words, said yesterday was a difficult word to say, and asked could he leave out the line, “the election is over”. There are people who regularly make of Joe Biden when he misses words. They claim he has mental decline and shouldn’t be in office. The difference is, I’ll give Joe the benefit of the doubt because he has an actual speech impediment. What’s Trumps excuse?

Either way, this was the last hearing for the summer and they will be back in September. I really hope this all comes to something. If nothing happens, then what will all of this have been for? Government can be untrustworthy and questionable, but trump was literally a criminal. He broke laws that no one else would ever get away with. He’s still breaking them, as we heard he may have tried to contact a witness recently. Hopefully, this will end with trump and his friends in that lovely jumpsuit you see at the start of my post.

If you missed any of the January 6 hearings, you can find them on youtube and at their website. I’ll post the most recent below.

January 6 hearings July 21, 2022. Video Courtesy of January 6 Committee

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