Donald Trump is…

So many nouns come to mind. If anyone actually watched the CNN town hall this week, you may have your own definitions of what you think he is. And for what its worth, I didn’t exactly watch it. All I could muster was watching clips on youtube and seeing reactions to it with clips put through their statements. I don’t know what made CNN give this narcissist a platform in a room full of his supporters, but I do know it was a bad move.

To follow up, Anderson Cooper then went on air and explained everything he did during said town hall, just went down a list of all of the awful characteristics that Trump exudes on a regular basis, and then hit us with the buuuuuuut… Like what? No Anderson, there is no but. Everything you said about Donald Trump is true and accurate, don’t follow it up by saying we shouldn’t live in a silo and hear from people who have the same views as us on a regular basis.

Anderson Cooper Scolding viewers

That’s fine and dandy to have engaging conversations with people about politics and get different opinions on it. The problem is trump does not have engaging anything. He lies. His entire “interview” was one lie after another. In the illustrious words of Meghan Trainor, “I know you lied, cause your lips are moving”. I swear she wrote that song about trump.

Donald trump is and has always has been an awful person. This isn’t new. When people say, “he was friends with the clintons and was on oprah”, guess what, unfortunately, people chose to ignore it because he wasn’t creating deadly policies or had a cult of followers who’ll try to hang the vice president if he says so (looking at you January 6).

I say all that to say… Donald Trump is a piece of Shit.

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