“A Shit Show”

Vice President Biden and sir anus mouth had a debate tonight. I think that’s what they used to call them when I was growing up. I watched for an hour and a half as trump interrupted, bull dozed (both Biden and Wallace), lied, complained, and so on and so forth. So I guess it was just another Tuesday!

Yes, there were questions, but anytime Chris Wallace tried to ask them, he was interrupted. Anytime Biden tried to answer, another interruption. Biden would stumble a few times but he did get his point across, especially when he ignored trump and turned and stared at the camera to speak directly to the people. Joe’s a pro. He did break a couple of times and call trump a “clown” and told him to shut up and quit yapping, but every person would have said that at that point.

Trump on the other hand, like he usually does, railroaded the moderator, did his usual talking points, kept bringing up Bidens “47 years” in office, oh and refused to denounce white supremacy, so there’s that little nugget!

I agree it was an awful debate and lets be honest, most people already know who they are voting for at this point. If watching this debate made you decide or switch your vote, you are either still severely uninformed on many issues or just like chaos. After one of the news cast, they said they spoke 6 undecided voters and by the end their decision hadn’t changed. We are 35 days out from voting and early voting has already started in numerous states. Exactly, what are you trying to figure out about these two candidates? They have info on their websites of what they plan to do and both now have a history of what they have done. A simple search would better inform you than this debate did. If you still don’t know who you are voting for, please stay home! I know, I know, that goes against the whole “your vote matters” or “make your voice be heard” mantra. But no, if you can’t figure it out by now, please stay home!

We have two more of these coming up and honestly, I’m not sure if my mental health is worth watching. The Vice presidential debate may be a bit more subdued and you may actually be able to learn more, it can’t nearly be as bad as this was.

In other news, there was a spike in searches of how to move to Canada. Most of those were probably all from me within the past 5 years, but whatever. Its hard to get into Canada y’all.

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