Yall’z Boy!

Let me make this abundantly clear….

Kwame Kilpatrick is a crook!

He belongs in jail with other crooks.

That bitch Rick Snyder belongs in a jail cell next to him, but that’s not why I’m here today!

That shit stain of an ex president we had, 45, decided to go on a freeing spree for his last day in office. Pardoning and commuting known criminals. Kwame Kilpatrick was one of those commutes.

And just like clockwork, folks in Detroit are happy he is out. WHYYYYYY? Have you not been in Detroit for the past 20 years? Do you know what he did to earn such a prison sentence? Let me help you out. What I am about to lay out is the crimes kwame was convicted of and the jail time for each. Not like y’all will care, but anyway. Be sure to click on each crime to see a detailed definition:

Racketeering Conspiracy: includes extortion, bribery, and fraudFine
Up to 20 years
Wire FraudFines up to $250,000 for individuals
Fines up to $500,000 for organizations
Imprisonment of not more than 20 years
Mail Fraud
Tax Evasion

Now this is layman’s terms of the judicial system of which I do not have a complete understanding, BUT I am able to see different sentences for each crime. Here is a court document showing everything he was convicted for:


All you need to see is what the word “guilty” is next to.

I don’t get and never have gotten the kwame love. Is it because he was a young black man from the city? Good looks, college degree, went to a prestigious high school? He came in with one purpose. To steal money from the city and citizens of Detroit. He did that, got arrogant, and got caught. Him and 35 of his friends including his best friend Bobby Ferguson. He got 21 years and is still in jail. Where is his commute? Didn’t kiss up to trump enough, huh?

That’s my entire point to this. I don’t care if he is black, I don’t believe his sentence was “too harsh”. I believe he has name recognition and had the right people talk him up to a corrupt president. Meanwhile, actual innocent men and women sit wasting away everyday in jail. People who were wrongly accused or got caught with a small amount of weed, those people should be freed. Not someone who intentionally cheated one of the poorest cities with the highest rate of poverty in the country. Screw Kwame.

How long before he gets a GoFundMe, because I know I yall gone donate to that too…

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