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Twitter is a bit Musk…y.

I’m sure you all have seen that Elon Musk just purchased Twitter for 44 Billion dollars. Why did he buy Twitter? The best answer I think any of us knows, is we don’t know. He bought it for his own personal play toy. He claims he wants “to make the platform better,” and something something free speech. That second part is all I care about. What is his goal in all of his “free speech” talk.

Free Speech

Let’s talk about free speech for a minute. I’m American. I am well aware, that in other countries, once you speak out about something, that could mean the end of your life. How many people has Putin had killed in Russia because they were journalists or spoke out against something he was doing? I don’t have a specific number, but its more than one, and that’s too many. People across many different nations have died at the hands of not being able to speak freely. That is one thing that is ok in the US.

Now, free speech means exactly what it says, but also, you have to take what comes with that free speech. If you say something out of line in the US, or continuously lie, there are and should be consequences to those words. Donald Trump did not get banned from many social media platforms because he told a white lie. He didn’t make a mistake and get a warning out of it. This man and his allies regularly tweets and spews hate filled lies. That’s the republican party in general, but we’re not here for that today.

The pandemic only made these lies and misinformation worse. The result: Nearly 1 Million people dead. Masks don’t work, it only affects old people, bleach injections, we were doomed from the start.

My point is, his lies, eventually got him banned from numerous web sites. There are many more that need to be banned, but until then, their words have consequences.

Elon Musk

To get back on track, what is Elon speaking of when he says free speech is important? Will he let lies and misinformation spread like wildfire on the app? Just FYI, it never went away. There are tons of people on that app who only tweet hatred and lies. They tweet whatever they want and get away with it. I don’t like the idea of allowing those that were banned, a chance to come back and start over again. If you slander and curse your boss out at the office and he fires you, do you think you will be allowed back at that company? No.

I am also interested in specifics of what else he wants to do. If I wanted to buy a major company, I feel like I would have had to do an entire proposal and business plan about how I could make the company better. I guess that’s just what the poors have to do…

$44 Billion

Besides all this things he wants to do with twitter or how he expects to make it better, my main gripe is, was he that bored? There are many people who find things to do with $44, let alone $44 Billion. I see why people hate the rich. I can’t explain it, but I get an anger that is deep within me when they do things like this. What is the purpose?

This country, this world is messed up. So much homelessness, poverty, hunger, broken systems, schools falling apart, and he wants to buy… twitter. Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013, I guess I get that. Have to fund the narrative. I mean these guys are doing a pissing contest to see who goes to space better. They have absolutely nothing to do with their money and it shows.

Great, they gave to a foundation, that should be a nice tax break for them. That’s the only reason they’re doing it. Unless there is a bottom line to make them more money, then there is no point for them to do it. So, we will continue to see the country cater to them while the poor die in the streets because the government “can’t keep helping people”. Maybe all those homeless people and starving children should name themselves, Ukraine, then they may find some money to help.

In conclusion…

Rich people suck

Twitter has always sucked

Screw the poor

Make believe like everything is ok, like the dog.

This is fine meme

Where is Jack Dorsey btw?

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