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The End of a Century

Rest Well Betty White : 1922-2021

I don’t write a lot about who passes away in Hollywood, unless they made impact to the world while they were here. There aren’t many people you could honestly say that about. Betty White was one of those people. I am 36 years old, but I know Ms. White as Rose on The Golden Girls, where I think most people of my generation would know her best. She had been working many years before that though.

I actually just learned today, that she was a Woman’s Volunteer during WWII:

Tweet By The U.S. Army

Even after that she was in numerous game shows, tv shows, movies, and even had time to advocate for animals. I am not going to sit here and say everything that the rest of the world is already saying. There is a lot, but the information is out there.

What I am here to ask is, what is your legacy? We all can’t be Betty White, but what are you doing to achieve your goals and dreams? Is there anything that is stopping you? When someone like this passes away, it puts things in perspective and a person like me, asks myself those questions. Nothing stopped Betty. Women didn’t have it easy back then, so just because Betty was white, doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard to get where she was.

We all could learn a few lessons from her. Just watching her many interviews, we could learn to laugh more, help others (even animals), live life like there is no tomorrow, and hopefully live to 99, if that’s something you want to do! Even at 99 it felt like she would outlive all of us, but she left her mark while she was here and I hope people see all of her accomplishments for many after!

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