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More Kids Dying…

What is that thing where people tell you the definition of insanity?

At the time of me writing this, it is February 18, 2023. I was going to come on here and write about one mass shooting that happened during this week, but following one, multiple others happened. So, this post is relevant for all of them.

It is beyond infuriating to keep seeing people die in this country and nothing be done about it. What do we have instead? People who “want” to fix the gun problem and others who don’t want you to take their guns. Where is the logic? There is none. Just one of the many other things that America sucks at.

Don’t take muh guns!

That is the consensus that most republicans will say after another mass shooting. I could be listening to a sports show, which I do regularly, and they bring up the topic of shootings at schools and what could be done to stop it. The first caller will call in to say, “don’t take my guns.” That’s the response people get when someone says a school has been shot up. Like, what? So some dirtbag walks into a grocery store, murders 10 people. Government says we need better guns laws and background checks:

republicans: but don’t take my guns!!!

My question is, who are you exactly saving with those guns? They’re either in the house or not at the right place at the right time. There never seems to be one of these gun owners around when someone is being slaughtered. Don’t get me wrong, once or twice, there may have been one. You would think with the frequency that we have these shootings that there would be more “saviors”. There isn’t.

I am a total optimist. I try to find good in most things (minus republicans), but this problem seems never ending. It becomes even moreso infuriating when republicans and their sheep bring up the second amendment, like it wasn’t written over 200 years ago. It may mean that people can own a gun for family protection, but more often than not, the gun of choice for mass shootings is the AR-15.

Another big problem with republicans fighting so hard for guns, is because so many of them are being paid off by the NRA. Here is list of repugs getting a nice kick back from them. Sidenote: the site is great to see who is being paid by who, but in this case we are discussing guns and reugs.

Nothing will change

That optimism I was talking about, leaves my body when it come to America and its guns. It has been said over and over, but when the kids at Sandy Hook were killed and NOTHING was done, that’s how you know nothing will ever be done for gun control.

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