The how and why of vaccine importance!

Over 20% of the U.S. population has been vaccinated! That is great! There is a problem however. People are living life like the pandemic is over or because they have been fully vaccinated and think they’re A-Ok and it still puts us all at risk.

This entire situation has been awful. We are all suffering, everyone wants to go back to “normal” (you know, police wrongfully killing black men or mass shootings, just without the masks!)

Why are people so leery to get a vaccine? I honestly can’t answer that and please, do not tell me about the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. You can read more about it here. Most of us are well aware of that atrocity, but they do not compare to what is going on right now. Unfortunately, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and at times, religion, have played a role in the distrust of the Covid Vaccine. I get it, don’t just trust the government. I don’t trust most people. You SHOULD question things, but there is a fine line to being cautious and being willfully ignorant.

Have you seen the lines to get the vaccine? That is a lot of white folk! For every black person who is “skeptical” to get in poked in the arm, there are about 50 white folks willing to take that shot from you. (Not actual math by the way, but you get my point.)

They are coming to our communities to get what we don’t want. The community that was hit hardest by Covid, is saying, “Nah fam”, to the one thing that could help. It’s mind boggling. So, is the government giving good doses to white people and when a black person walks up, they are switching the batch to inject you? That’s a lot of work for millions of people to keep secret. That’s the logic I’m seeing and reading.

This isn’t a scheme to try and kill the population of the U.S. This disease is affecting the world. I am trying to fathom a government that “created a disease in a lab”, and then try to create the vaccine that stops people from dying from said lab creation? Huh? Or not trusting a vaccine because, “it was made too quick”, or “you don’t know how the vaccine will affect your body years down the road.” Do you know what’s in your food? Y’all know rat hairs are allowed, right? These are all real things that people are saying. If you’re afraid of needles, just say that!

Do you know how vaccines are made? The majority of you have had vaccines as children and you got those vaccines that were created before any modern technology was used, but this is the one you don’t trust? There are diseases that were around years ago and we don’t hear about them anymore. (Smallpox anyone!) There is no critical thinking anymore. People hear one thing, think they know about it and parrot what they don’t understand.

Click Here to see a timeline about vaccines and here to get more info. In the future, I will discuss why I’m ok with the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine also.

The U.S. needs better education on these types of things. Well, technically, the U.S. needs better education, period. We’re not even number one across the world, but that’s a story for another day. The point is, vaccines are safe. There are people of all races, backgrounds, and ages who help in the development of these vaccines. Pinky and the brain are not trying to take over the world. We see how that turns out very episode, the same would happen in real life!

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