This is me

What makes me, me!

drive through utah
Like I said, I like to travel. This was me driving through Utah!

Who am I?

For right now, I’m still debating how much I want the internet to know about me. Plus, it’s always more difficult to write things about myself. I’m better at speaking about things I’m passionate (or irritated) about. I live in the USA. I am a liberal and proud of it. I like to travel, as most people do, but I prefer to drive to my destinations. Still waiting on a way to drive to the UK and Japan. I enjoy sports minus soccer, but football is my favorite (Go Lions!).

I created this blog to not only vent my feelings with/to the world, but I hope to… umm…to… I guess I just want to vent. I can’t vent on social media sites because as you’ll learn by reading my blog, you’ll see how long-winded I am. I get off-topic more times than I should and I have a severe case of scatterbrain. I have 50 different topics going on in my head at once (you should see all the tabs open on my browser).

Seriously though, I do hope to learn while here. Learn about myself, learn more about the world, and write about it. I also hope others learn a thing or two while here! I may piss some people off or even may make people like me more (not possible). I am here to say what’s on my mind at all times. No filter!

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