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Warning: Geek thoughts may trigger some

Some of my Story

I’m a Geek, if you couldn’t tell by the title of the website. I created this site, initially, to really vent my frustrations with the political climate. I don’t hold back about how I feel when it comes to politics. I’m a Democrat or Liberal and I think conservatives are the spawn of satan, even though they try to throw the Bible in your face regularly. Nothing they do is biblical.

Anyway, as time goes on and I feel the need to write about different topics, I will. There will be random topics that are important to me, and topics that I feel I could help others with. This is like a journal for me and I hope you stick around and browse!

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Current Events & More!

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Bridging the gap between opinion and facts!

We all want to be aware of what is going on in America when it comes to government. I hope to bridge the gap in writing about what I feel and what I know. Facts are important and everything I claim on this site will be backed by reputable sources. I can voice my opinions while also giving important information.

While information about where we live is important, world news is just as important. We see how the War in Ukraine is affecting America and the rest of the world. It is truly sad to see how so many people have died, lost their homes, and lost their way of life. Screw Putin.

Let’s not forget about what is happening in Gaza right now. So many innocent lives lost and I fear it won’t end anytime soon.

While being aware of what is happening is important, we also need to have fun. On my “About” page, I go more in-depth about myself! Its a great way to see what I enjoy and why I hope this blog won’t be dedicated to just dark and gloomy material. There is a lot to enjoy in the world, I hope to see and do some of that!

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